10 Teen Titans Who Could Beat Superman

Could the Justice League actually stand a chance against DC's teens?

DC Comics

The Teen Titans are often thought to be a team of sidekicks who aren't quite good enough to qualify for Justice League membership, while in reality they're likely the most powerful superhero team in the DC universe.

Having had around 75 members over the past few decades, it's not surprising to think that the Teen Titans have had more heavy-hitting powerhouses than any other team, but most of them seem to go under-appreciated, often flying totally under the mainstream's radar. Some are sidekicks who surpassed their mentors, and some are characters created specifically for the Teen Titans, but each character on this list is absurdly powerful, and consistently underestimated.

On the other hand, Superman, DC's gold standard of superheroes, is commonly thought to be too overpowered, or even downright unbeatable, despite his numerous deaths in the comics, at the hands of enemies like Doomsday, The Annointed One, and even Rao himself. If Clark had to seriously fight any of the characters on this list, we'd be looking at a new Death of Superman story.

These are some of the most powerful heroes to ever join the Teen Titans, from 1964 to 2019.


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