10 Terrible Comic Book Moments That Could Have Been Saved With One Simple Twist

Bring back the weed-smoking version of Poison Ivy.

Marvel Comics/Billy Tan

In a weird way, awful moments in comics are a special thing. Many films, shows, and books have had their weird scenes, but few will ever parallel the profound weirdness of Batman talking fondly about a time he pissed himself, or Spider-Man revealing his semen is a deadly weapon.

There's a unique, intense surreality to many comics, and while we fondly remember how strange they are, the reason they're so unforgettable is because they're entirely avoidable, too. After all, it's not as though radioactive jizz is a crucial part of Peter Parker's life story, that would be ruined if you changed it in any shape or form.

Many of the most bizarre instances in comics could have been totally avoided with only one or two minor changes. Even those that couldn't be made normal could still become less iconically strange with only a few small tweaks.

This isn't to say these hilarious and concerning moments aren't a wonderful (if weird) part of the annals of comic history - just that they're all the more weird for how easily they could have been averted entirely.

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