10 Terrifying Comic Supervillains (Who Only Appear Once)

These Supervillains Are Too Frightening For This World!

DC Comics

We all remember the classic supervillains like the Joker and Doctor Doom. These characters are scary, if for nothing else than their ability to elude capture or defeat. Time and again we see our favorite heroes defeat their foes. But, these baddies always reappear, no worse for wear, and with a new plan for world domination.

After a while, this back and forth gets a little repetitive. Audiences know that despite all the destruction he causes, a guy like the Joker is always going to wind up back behind the gothic gates of Arkham Asylum. As for Doctor Doom, arguably one of the fiercest villains in the Marvel Universe, he was once taken down by Squirrel Girl. Do you know how she did it? She overwhelmed him with squirrels! (Not surprising, she's a bit of a one trick pony.)

The fact that these classic villains are constantly defeated, week after week, robs them of some of their ability to intimidate audiences.

What’s truly scary are the villains that writers deemed too imposing to use more than once. These villains, either by a fault or by design, graced the pages of our favorite comics for a short period of time. But man, did they make an impression!


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