10 Thanos Moments That Deserved To Be In The MCU

Bring Thanos back for MCU Phase 4. (And this time let him fight Galactus!)

Thanos The Punisher
Marvel Comics

At this point Thanos is a household name, up there with Darth Vader and Voldemort in the hall of well-known villains. This is almost entirely due to his stellar portrayal in the MCU, which arguably did a better job with Thanos than a lot of his comics.

That being said, the films can be a bit limiting for poor Thanos, with the movies being too family friendly for some of his darker moments, and a bit too serious for his wackier moments.

But that doesn't mean it can't be done! And now that everyone and their grandma knows who Thanos is, it's the perfect time to bring him back from the dead and put some of his best (and possibly worst) moments on the big screen. Lets have Josh Brolin fly a tiny yellow helicopter or help old ladies across the street! He could lose a fight to squirrels and torture one specific guy named Dave!

So (for any Marvel executives reading) here are the perfect Thanos moments from across the comics that DESPERATELY need some screen time.

10. That Time He Made Deadpool Immortal Out Of Spite

Thanos The Punisher
Marvel Comics

Unlike his MCU counterpart, comic Thanos loves Death. And not just inflicting it, Thanos is in love with the literal personification of Death. The issue is Death doesn’t love him back; she only has eyes for one Wade "merc with a mouth" Wilson, AKA Deadpool.

So like any good incel Thanos spends his time throwing temper tantrums and complaining Deadpool isn’t good enough for her (which in this case might actually be true). Not that it makes a difference though - Death is a grown cosmic entity and can make her own decisions. Thanos, however, isn't the most progressive when it comes to cosmic romance, and in the pages of Deadpool #64, finally decides to do something about his romantic rival, cursing Deadpool with immortality so he and Death can never be together.

So how would this look on screen? Well we already know Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin work well together, as demonstrated by their partnership in Deadpool 2, and a romantic comedy where Deadpool and Thanos compete for the affections of a literal skeleton is the movie we all need to combat Marvel fatigue.


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