10 Thanos Moments That Deserved To Be In The MCU

9. That Time He Fought Commando Galactus

Thanos The Punisher
Marvel Comics

What lies at the very end of the Marvel universe? What is still standing long after everything else is dead? Thanos, obviously. In the Thanos Wins storyline we get an insight into what the Marvel universe looks like when Thanos has succeeded in killing everything.

After he kills all the heroes of Earth, Thanos turns his attentions to the cosmic beings that inhabit the universe, and this of course means Galactus. In response, the big purple world eater and his new partner the Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle), arm themselves up in true commando style and go to hunt down Thanos.

Needless to say, it does not go in their favour.

With rumours circling about Galactus making an appearance in Phase 4, what better way to introduce him than a John Wick style shootout with Thanos? It's the action movie we all deserve.


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