10 Things Comic Fans Found Too Distracting

...Is that Guy Fieri?

Catwoman DC
DC Comics

On the whole, most weird aspects in comics can be ignored. A weird line or possible plot hole isn't the end of the world, and when the majority of the experience is good, there isn't a lot of reason to focus on the bad.

But sometimes, aspects of a comic are simply too distracting to ignore. While this can often be because of flaws in the issue - like problems with anatomy, or misuse of the medium itself - it's not exclusively bad things that can prove distracting. Often things that are arguably more funny than annoying can still jar your experience, because the level of surreality that some series bring is hard not to focus on.

In a world where countless folk can fly and shooting laser beams from your eyes is only a mid-level power, it's surprising that seeing a celebrity or a bit of genitalia can still shock us every now and then.

But in a way that's the magic of the medium - when you're not engrossed in the comic itself, you can at least be engrossed in seeing the Hulk star in an ad for Hostess cakes.

10. Weird Anatomy

Catwoman DC
Marvel Comics

When you draw aliens, monsters and bizarre happenings involving heroes doing all sorts of weird (and sometimes impossible) poses, at least one of them is going to turn out a little funky at some point.

However, there's a decided difference between a moment of funky arm placement, and a comic that repeatedly has completely janky anatomy.

While this suits some more surreal art styles - think A Serious House on Serious Earth - there are plenty that do not. Rob Liefield is the most well known for this, stuffing his male heroes so full of muscles they look more like steroid-pumped bulls than strong men, giving the women similarly boosted proportions, and having both wear skintight outfits that show their one universal trait: ridiculously defined abs.

Now, not all of Liefield's art follows these rules, but the stuff that does is certainly distracting - if only because you're trying to figure out where they must all shop together to get such perfectly fitting clothes that they can show every individual muscle beneath them.

This is also a trend when some artists are trying to make sexy poses for characters, as they often disregard things like spines in order to make sure all the proverbial goods are on display. This would be fine if it was a character with elastic powers, but sadly, it's often not.


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