10 Things You Didn't Know About The Riddler

Riddle me this, riddle me that; who's afraid of the big bad bat?

The Riddler is easily one of Batman€™s most iconic villains, but as with most enduring enigmas, there is more to this character than green clothes and a penchant for cryptic clues. He may be one of the most flamboyant and somewhat camp characters in Batman€™s rogues gallery, especially when you compare him to the somewhat brutish villains that he is often grouped with, but he is also one of the most entertaining to watch and read. He has been behind crushing stories for the Dark Knight and he has overseen some of the most laughable attempts to defeat heroes in comic history. Regardless of whether you think of him as a heavy hitting villain or as a laughing stock, the character is easily one of DC€™s most iconic characters. The quizzical criminal may not be able to rival his heroic nemesis€™ in terms of physical fighting, but his intellect has proved more than damaging to many of DC€™s strongest characters €“ Black Canary, Green Arrow and of course Batman have all been defeated by the puzzle obsessed mastermind. Read on to find out some of the darkest times in The Riddler's life to some of his strangest moments...
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