10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Bane

You break a man's back one time, and suddenly it's all you're remembered for.

Bane DC Comics
DC Comics

Bane's character is perhaps the most commonly misused out of all of Gotham's villains. Much like the vast majority of supervillains, he's seen a whole host of writers, and many have used him as the most minor of minor parts, essentially employing him as a slightly stronger, more menacing version of a regular henchman.

In some features, Bane may as well have been an actual sidekick to other villains, and this couldn't be more of a waste of such a valuable character.

Because Bane has also been a crucial part of some of the most iconic and entertaining Batman comics to date. Between Bane: Conquest, Batman Legacy, Forever Evil: Arkham War - and, of course, the unforgettable Knightfall series - Bane is one of the most fascinating supervillains in Batman's Rogue's Gallery, and as such it's a dying shame that so many other comics muddy the water of what the character is like.

With Bane recently having come back into the comic spotlight - especially in the new 'City of Bane' storyline - it seems only apt to address these misunderstandings, and make sure that Bane is recognised as the brilliant Batman villain that he truly is.

10. He's An Idiot

Bane DC Comics
DC Comics

It's pretty much shocking to think about just how much the fact that Bane's intellect is massively ignored for no apparent reason. This isn't a jab at fans, either, as with the Arkham video games, the Batman cartoons, and even the 1997 Batman and Robin film, Bane is commonly characterised as a dumb brutish figure - so it's entirely understandable that many people see these things and think of Bane as an idiot.

But this is maybe the most unfair characterisation of the villain possible, as the infamous back-breaker's main 'power' is supposed to be his sheer intelligence.

Bane's childhood was a matter of continually overcoming adversity, and while Bane's strength always assisted him in these matters, it was his ability to plan, to study and to learn that pushed him above becoming just another faceless criminal that Batman beats down.

While it makes sense that people assume that Bane is just another of the 'dumb strong guy' archetype, this is a misconception - and one that makes the villain far less developed than he actually is.

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