10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Bane

9. His Origin Story Is Boring

Bane DC Comics

While more an exciting fact for regular book nerds than comic book nerds, it's pretty interesting to note that Bane - and especially his childhood - appears surprisingly closely linked to Javert, the antagonist in the wildly successful book and musical Les Miserables.

Both Bane and Javert are born in prison, and raised there for the crimes their fathers had committed. Both are obsessed with justice, but due to their own traumatising upbringings have warped perceptions of what this concept is - leading them to take on a heroic nemesis.

Given just how many people dunk on comics for being childish or somehow lesser than books, seeing these ties to classical literature reminds us that comics can be just as referential, and just as clever. With Bane also often being disregarded as having an uninspired origin, this is also a cheeky reminder that the villain's beginnings are interesting on several different levels.

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