10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Iron Man

10. Tony Stark Has Always Been Like He Is In The MCU

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Before 2008, Iron Man was by no means a household name. He wasn't obscure by any means, having been a regular fixture of the Avengers and the star of numerous solo books, but he wasn't a Spider-Man, a Hulk, or even a Captain America. Sure, he starred opposite these figures in the occasional cartoon and comic, but he never possessed the draw of those other figures - at least in other media.

Sure, he had the cracking cartoon series from the nineties, but the fact remains it was only the most ardent of True Believers who were familiar with the character. These adaptations possessed little influence on the character's comic book self, who was frequently arrogant, and struggled with his own demons in a much darker way to the Stark seen elsewhere.

To be clear, Downey Jr. did an excellent job of conveying Tony's ego, his arrogant nature and his combative approach to dialogue, but the actor also implemented some of his own quirks to the role too. His Tony is much more of a joker, and far more aware of the concept of humility than his once comics self ever was. As a result, we've seen Downey exert his own influence on the character in the comics, with the Tony of today sharing far more in common with the actor's performance than what was originally the case in 2008.

And, to be fair, this isn't a bad thing. Downey's Stark has always been gripping, and if the comics can capture the charm he exuded onscreen, that can only be a good thing. Point being, Tony hasn't always been like Downey's portrayal, and it's only recently that has changed.

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