10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Robin

Batman's sidekick is more interesting than you think...

DC Comics

Robin the Boy Wonder leaped onto comic stands in 1941 and ever since has been an integral part of not just the Batman comic series but also pop culture as a whole.

He is an icon in his own right, having been a founding member of some equally iconic teams, a star of a successful solo series and even as the heir-apparent to Batman himself.

But with such a rich history, and several different incarnations, misconceptions are bound to occur. This isn't to say that people are outright wrong, it's just that many have not had the time to deep-dive into over 75 years of comics to know every truth about the character.

With that in mind, this is the 10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Robin.

10. Robin Has Always Been A Boy

DC Comics

This is a classic "wrong answer" but it isn't the general populace's fault. In pop culture, Dick Grayson is the de facto mould for Robin. One thing worth bearing in mind, however, is that he isn't the only Robin, and that not every Robin has been a man.

There have actually been three female Robins, and the most well-known is Carrie Kelly, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns. She was also brought into the New 52 continuity with Batman and Robin #19, where she wears a Robin outfit for a Halloween party. Then there's Helena Wayne of Earth-2, who was Robin in her reality before becoming the Huntress of ours, in the New 52.

The only true female Robin of Post-Crisis canon, though, is Stephanie Brown - the former pseudo-sidekick/villain to Robin, who had taken the mantle up at Tim's request. She would, however, become more popular in the role of Batgirl.


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