10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Robin

9. Robin Is Named After A Bird

Warner Bros.

This is an old one, but a very prominent myth surrounding the character. While the mantle of Robin has currently been linked to the bird, conceptually it started as Robin Hood. Yes, the color scheme and general look of his first appearance wouldn't really give that idea, but it's true - the Robin of DC has much more in common with Robin of Locksley than with your average American bird.

Bob Kane and Bill finger debuted Robin in Detective Comics #38 in 1940, but Jerry Robinson is credited as a driving force in his creation. In The Comics Journal #271 (Oct. 2005), Robinson talked about how his major influence was The Adventures of Robin Hood due to his childhood love for the character. More importantly, the copy he had was illustrated by N.C. Wyeth, and it was from his memory of those illustrations that he designed Robin's outfit. It is also where the name came from.

Some designs of the character, most notably Damian Wayne, also included a hood to reference this origin.


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