10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Thor

Is no one SERIOUSLY going to mention his child?

Marvel Comics

As one of the founders of the Avengers, Thor is perhaps one of the most iconic superheroes Marvel has created over the years. He's been around since the sixties, and since his creation has featured in an almost unimaginable amount of comics, starring with everyone from the Fantastic Four to the Silver Surfer in this time.

But for such a well-known character, there's a lot that stays relatively unknown or unheard of about Thor.

Half of this is down to the fact that Thor's storylines can get pretty dang complex - such as the huge amount of people who have taken on Thor's identity over the years - but the fact that a lot of interesting stuff is barely mentioned in his comics certainly doesn't help. For example, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder - Thor's two magical flying taxi goats? Barely mentioned.

From the year Thor wasn't in his own comic, to his secret son he no longer talks about, Thor may as well have been carrying out a double life for most of his comic career - which is somehow less wild a concept than some of the actual facts about him.


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