10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Superman

No, he's not Jesus. And he's not American either.

In 1938 after four desperate years of running around trying to find a publisher, two aspiring comic book writers successfully released their character Superman into in the world in Action Comics #1. Nearly 76 years later, Superman has become a strong cultural icon in the western world, a symbol of the inherent good in humanity and the responsibility of power. With his S-shield still regarded as one of the most recognisable symbols on the planet, it's obvious Superman's popularity hasn't diminished over the years, earning such monikers as the Man of Steel, Last Son of Krypton, Man of Tomorrow, and Big Blue Boy Scout. His presence extends all across the entertainment medium, from comic books to television shows to big screen movies. Creators of big-name heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman have cited Superman as an inspiration for their own characters, and even Marvel superheroes carry the same thematic elements associated with their illustrious forebear. Yet despite these extravagant feats, Superman has garnered a large number of detractors during his storied run. Some have argued that he's a Mary Sue due to his large amount of power, while others say he lacks interest as a character because of the supposed perfect life he leads. Critics of The New 52 have stated that Superman has departed too far from his mainstream counterpart that embodied "truth, justice, and the American way", but on the flipside, his jingoistic and religious inheritance in the pre-52 universe has been privy to scrutiny. In this article, we take a look at the ten biggest flaws haters and connoisseurs alike have put forward about Superman and prove why these are simply misguided ideas.
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