10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Superman

10. He's Overpowered

Being a major character in the world of comic books, Superman has come to hold a large variety of powers as a result of both his Kryptonian physiology and the rays of the Earth's yellow sun, from superhuman strength/speed to heat vision and freeze breath. Though his abilities have been scaled back since the Silver Age, it's become a mistaken belief that Clark is overpowered and, as such, can't be written well; a notion that John Byrne popularized during his run in the 1980s-1990s. But when you really look at Superman's history and, more importantly, his rogues gallery, you can see that it really isn't that difficult to come up with viable threats. Everyone knows about kryptonite, but do they know about the massive variety, including red, blue, gold and even periwinkle? There's also the fact that Superman isn't immune to the effects of magic, and a red sun, similar to the one that orbited Krypton, will strip away his powers so long as he remains in its vicinity. Even simpler, energy based attacks pose a problem to him as energy isn't something one's durability can protect against, leaving enemies like Livewire and Atomic Skull to pose as dangerous threats to Metropolis. At the end of the day though, when you look at characters like Dr. Manhattan, Doomsday, and Franklin Richards, can you really call Superman overpowered? He certainly is a powerhouse in the DC universe, but this has the sad consequence of birthing another misunderstanding ....
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