10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Doctor Strange

Remember that time he blue himself?

Strange mask display

Doctor Strange has a history of being one of Marvel's... strangest superheroes.

His adventures have often inevitably been surreal, involving mind-altering journeys across psychedelic dimensions. The very nature of his character means his is a magical world where literally anything can happen.

Of course, just because something can happen doesn't mean it should.

Doctor Strange has been subject to a whole host of stories that have been beyond embarrassing for the Sorceror Supreme. He has some pretty big metaphorical skeletons in his closest, including some embarrassing defeats, some pretty questionable behaviour towards his so-called friends and the usual helping of completely abandoned plot points.

And that's not to mention that other, less-talked-about film adaptation. Oh yes, Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't the first man to bring a live-action Doctor Strange to our screens.

Just because they're embarrassing though, doesn't mean we're just going to let them go unnoticed. Instead, we're going to make like real wizards and pull Doctor Strange's dirty laundry out of a hat for all the world to see.

10. Rintrah

Strange mask display

The Marvel Universe is no stranger to weird looking creatures. Heck, one of Thor's most popular supporting characters is an alien horse-monster with his own hammer. Even by those standards though, Rintrah is pretty odd.

Rintrah was a being from another dimension and the apprentice of Enitharmon the Weaver. He visited Doctor Strange after his master fixed the Cloak of Levitation and just kind of became his apprentice instead after hanging around the Sanctum Sanctorum for a while.

The problem with Rintrah is that he just looks too weird to be a legitimate character. Instead he seems like he would be better suited a background monster in some kind Dungeons and Dragons knockoff story.

It's also quite hard to take anything Strange says seriously when a dramatic scene has a giant green minotaur in the background.

Apparently Marvel agreed. Despite being billed as having great magical potential, Rintrah one day decided that the best way to keep an ancient artefact out of Dormammu's hands was too smash it with his fists. The resulting explosion killed him instantly.

Doctor Strange mourned his apprentice's death the way we all should, by forgetting about him almost immediately and never mentioning him again.


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