10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Doctor Strange

9. The Orb Of Agamotto Is Wonderland

Strange mask display

The heyday of Doctor Strange comics in the 70's owned a lot to the copious amounts of pot and LSD that the writers were on. It's probably no surprise then, that one storyline included multiple reference to Lewis Carroll's drug-induced classic Alice in Wonderland.

Doctor Strange found himself trapped inside the Eye of Agamotto by Silver Dagger, a former priest turned assassin who was determined to destroy anything he saw as blasphemous (the character may also have inspired the motivation of the movie version of Baron Mordo).

While inside the Eye, Strange encountered numerous homages to Alice in Wonderland, including a giant white rabbit, a hookah smoking caterpillar and even a tea-party with his fellow superheroes. OK, maybe it was less a homage and more just taking things directly from the book.

Strange was able to eventually escape the Eye of Agamotto though and turned the tables on Silver Dagger by trapping him in there instead.

It was the kind of bizarre and completely out of nowhere story that defined a lot of Steve Englehart's work on the comic. It will also probably be never mentioned again... unless Tim Burton is brought in to direct Doctor Strange 2.


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