10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About The X-Men

Remember when they tried to get rid of them?

Marvel Comics

The X-Men have had a very long, confusing, sometimes great, and sometimes not so great history. From their quiet and humble beginnings to the constant modern-day changes, the mutant nation is a key component to the Marvel landscape.

Since Chris Claremont jumped onto the ship and sailed into uncharted waters with great success, the X-Men have often been one of the biggest sellers in Marvel. So much so that multiple spin-off teams have taken the plunge into the Marvel Universe as well. Some of those teams have gone onto be successful and boosted the mutant tapestry of lore. Some have left stains on said tapestry.

The X-Men were brought into life in 1963 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. With a rich history comes plenty of stories. A lot of stories have had a lasting, often positive, impact on X-Men readers. Some stories have inspired thoughts about the world we live in.

But not every story has been great. In fact, with Marvel/Disney purchasing Fox and bringing the X-Men film rights back home, there’s going to be some moments that Marvel would like us to forget about the X-Men.


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