10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Batmobile

The Batmobile is as much a character as Batman himself.

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DC Comics

The “Batmobile” is the generic title given to an ever-evolving fleet of vehicles designed and created by and for Batman to use in his continuing battle to eliminate crime from the streets of Gotham City and around the world. The first car Batman drove appeared in Detective Comics #27 and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. However, the title of “Batmobile” wasn’t used until twenty-one issues later in Detective Comics #48.

The Batmobile has rarely been just a simple means of transportation, and as Batman has evolved throughout the decades, so has his car. Its size and shape have changed to reflect the styles and tastes of the times, but it is the hidden gems that really count. Over the years, he main vehicle of the Dark Knight has boasted armor plating, its own crime lab, a direct line to Commissioner Gordon, a state-of-the-art mini-computer, ejection seats, riot suppression equipment, and diplomatic license plates so that it can be parked anywhere.

In many ways, the Batmobile is as much a character as Batman himself. It has evolved and changed with the times and reflects the design aesthetics of that era. The Caped Crusader wants the Batmobile to be seen. He isn’t hiding it in any way, and the vehicle's yet another tool in his arsenal when it comes to intimidating the “superstitious and cowardly” criminals of Gotham.

Here, then, are ten pieces of information that you may not be aware of where it pertains to the iconic Batmobile.

10. Wonderful Toys And Quirky Equipment

As the Batmobile has taken on new and more complicated designs throughout the years, the items that its held have changed as well. In the beginning, the most “hi-tech” item in the Batmobile was a direct line to police headquarters and Commissioner Gordon. The vehicle carried items like a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, bags with tools, and climbing equipment. Eventually, Batman and Robin wisely began to carry extra costumes and utility belts.

With advances in computing, the Batmobile began to have a more involved computer system, including a more advanced crime lab. It began as a “lab in a case” and evolved into an advanced computer analysis system on the spot. It also made searching for files on criminals far easier, as did the direct line to the information hub and former Batgirl, Oracle.

Some of the more unusual items that can be found in and around the Batmobile are diplomatic plates that allow the car to be parked anywhere and to ignore most of the normal speed and traffic laws. Batman has been known to keep his personal one-man aircraft, the “Whirlybat” in the trunk of some of the larger Batmobiles for needed aerial pursuits. The newest models have AI and remote guidance capabilities that allow them to drive without anyone at the wheel.


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