10 Things You Didn't Know About Darkseid

9. He's No Match For Doomsday

Darkseid Superman
DC Comics

You would think, considering how many times Darkseid has successfully humbled the man of steel himself, that even the creature most famous for killing Superman would pose about the same challenge. But nope, not even Darkseid can handle this grumpy spiky boi.

Darkseid was one of the first beings to encounter Doomsday, several hundred thousand years before either party would even hear of Superman, and boy oh boy did Doomsday leave an impression.

Darkseid, ever the arrogant ass, tried playing it cool with the beast, but Doomsday just no-selled everything Darkseid threw at him and proceeded to take the New God apart piece by piece.

To add insult to injury, Darkseid only lived because of the last minute aid of Steppenwolf. Yes, the robin hood looking dude that even the Justice League movie characterizes as a complete loser, had to help the great and mighty Darkseid, against what amounted to a spiky version of The Hulk.

I like to imagine Darkseid forbids anyone from ever speaking of this day ever again, on pain of torture so extreme even Granny Goodness would go "yeesh, man, chill out."


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