10 Things You Didn't Know About The Batcave

So... What's the deal with that T-Rex and giant coin in the Batcave?

DC Comics

Bruce Wayne's home may be Wayne Manor but Batman's home will always be The Batcave. After spending years and millions of dollars, he turned the abandoned cave (or caves if you want to get technical) into his primary base of operations.

It's not just a place for Batman to brood (although he's really good at that). The Batcave is his crime lab, his gym, his museum, his workshop, his headquarters, but above all, it is his sanctuary.

The Batcave might be the most famous hideout in all fiction. Not everyone can name Superman's home in Antarctica or Doctor Strange's base in New York (the Fortress of Solitude and Sanctum Sanctorum - just FYI), but you would struggle to find a single person who hasn't heard of Batman's HQ. The Batcave is so iconic, it has appeared in every single Batman film and nearly every other Batman-related medium like cartoons, animated movies, and video games.

Despite this, there's a lot of things people don't know about the Caped Crusader's command centre. The majority of readers will know that The Batcave contains an oversized penny, and a T-Rex statue... but why? What purpose could they possibly have? Let's find out...


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