10 Thor Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

The God of Thunder is one of Marvel's best characters, but what comics should you read?

Marvel Comics

The God of Thunder has appeared in many forms of media over the years; movies, animated TV shows and, most importantly, comic books.

It is in these comic books where the greatest of Thor's adventures occurred, where many have taken up the mantle and defended the universe from threats that can only be described as mythical. There are countless stories just waiting to be discovered by fans of the Odinson all across comic book history, and even though many have been adapted into the aforementioned films and programmes, the originals are still worth checking out.

For example, while many people may be familiar with the story of Thor: Ragnarok, the true story of how Asgard was destroyed remains hidden within the pages of Thor: Disassembled. Or maybe some fans know of Jane Foster, Thor's age-old love-interest, but do they also know what happened when she became Thor for four years?

These are just some of the stories that detail the incredible adventures undergone by Thor over since the character first made his debut. They've been penned by arguably the some of the greatest comic book writers and artists too, including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jason Aaron, and Walter Simonson.