10 Times Comics Made Terrible Villains Great

8. The Orb - Original Sin

Calendar Man

It takes a lot to go up against Ghost Rider; the biker from hell has fought literal demons and angels and still found a way to win. Drake Shannon had a special helmet that looked like an eye. He thought that would make him a match for Ghost Rider. He was wrong.

After being little more than a nuisance to Johnny Blaze, The Orb was eventually killed. To add insult to injury, it wasn’t even another hero or villain who did him in. He was shot by the henchmen of fellow D-Lister Plantman.

That was the last anyone saw of The Orb until a new version of appeared in Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider run. Instead of a helmet, this unnamed character had an eye for a head and a habit of never shutting-up despite not having a mouth.

This new character was a creepy and darkly hilarious oddball who liked to take people’s eyes and “roll around naked on giant piles of them”. He even played a pivotal role in the crossover event Original Sin, revealing the darkest secrets of Marvel’s heroes and eventually becoming the new Watcher, albeit one who gets his kicks watching violent crimes.


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