10 Times Comics Made Terrible Villains Great

7. Calendar Man - Batman: The Long Halloween

Calendar Man
DC Comics

There’s no way around it, Calendar Man is ridiculous. Obsessed with calendars of all things, Julian Gregory Day (whose parents are the real villains here) has the incredibly restrictive modus operandi of only committing crimes that correspond to holidays. Initially wearing a different horrible costume for each day of the week, he eventually settled on one which was somehow worse than them all and started running around in a cape made of calendars.

Surprisingly, this misfit was redeemed by none other than Jeph Loeb. Before he started writing stories that are the equivalent of watching your house burn down, Loeb wrote the excellent Batman: The Long Halloween. In it, The Dark Knight is tracking a new criminal known as “The Holiday Killer” and goes to Arkham Asylum to consult the similarly-themed Calendar Man.

Day is portrayed as a sinister mastermind akin to Hannibal Lecter. He knows the killer’s real identity but won’t share it, leading Batman on a tense game of cat and mouse as he constantly taunts him with clues.

This version of the villain also made it into Batman: Arkham City as one of the game’s best Easter eggs, giving out different dialogue based on the date.


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