10 Times Daredevil Was Forced To Kill

Bullseye, not a fan of his own medicine...

There were some viewers who were surprised when they tuned into Netflix's Daredevil series, not expecting an entry in the mostly sunny, PG-13 action world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be quite so...bloody. Matt Murdock does not go for the diplomatic approach in that show, frequently breaking bones and just torturing bad guys to get what he wants. Morality is slippery in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine has admitted to killing countless people €“ it's difficult not to with those pig-stickers that pop out of his hands €“ but he's still treated like a hero. The Punisher, meanwhile, is a pariah to the rest of the superhero community; they consider his shoot first, shoot some more, and not bother asking any questions approach repugnant. Even when the pair crossed paths, when Matt Murdock's secret identity was outed and he wound up in prison alongside Frank Castle, Daredevil made it clear that his morality was not comparable nor compatible with The Punisher's. He doesn't kill people. Well, except for all the times that he totally has. Sometimes because he didn't have a choice. Other times... Where the likes of Spider-Man and Superman have agonised over mercy killings and the like, the Man Without Fear is far more likely to off an enemy, then revel in Catholic guilt for years after. Most of the time, anyway. Sometimes, he's killing Bullseye, and you can't really blame him for enjoying it. Here are ten times Daredevil was forced to kill...
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