10 Times Passing The Superhero Torch Was For The Better

Shoutout to the legacy heroes of DC and Marvel Comics... but ESPECIALLY to Miles Morales.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Peter Parker
Marvel Comics

Sometimes, when a hero makes a difference, they leave a legacy which affects people not only in the real world but in the comics as well. Whether you’re able to leap tall distances in a single bound or just talk to squirrels, you’re bound to have a super-powered admirer or two that puts you on a pedestal as their one true hero.

Characters who have stepped into the role previously inhabited by another hero are what's known as a "legacy character", as a mantle has been passed down from one hero to another, giving someone a chance to pick up from where the last person left off or to do something else entirely.

Some fans may not realise but even the most iconic comic characters have been replaced one time in their publication history. Even characters as popular as Batman and Spider-Man have given someone else a chance to leave their mark in comic book history.

There has been a huge influx of legacy superheroes in the past few years based off heroes that have been on the page since the 1960s and even earlier than that. Change can be good and these characters have displayed that point perfectly.

10. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

Spider-Man Miles Morales Peter Parker
DC Comics

Blue Beetle is a character that will always be special to the DC Comics pantheon of heroes. He is not an A-list superhero, but at the same time, he will always get updated for the current audience. From a super-powered archaeology professor to a billionaire super-spy, and finally, a technologically advanced armoured teenager, Blue Beetle has always been at the forefront of DC history - at least since the character made the leap from Charlton Comics in the 1980s.

Jaime Reyes’ version of the character is the one worth talking about. Each version has had noteworthy appearances in comic books, but Jaime’s version stopped the character from being a discount Batman with a less menacing costume. With his armour, Jaime is granted super strength, flight and the ability to create weapons from his extremities.

The character of Jaime is great on his own, however, it is the relationship with the scarab attached to his back that makes him unique when compared to the men who have come before him. The scarab that provides his suit is alive so the heavily armoured hero is always fighting for control, most of the time using it for good, but sometimes the scarab can have sinister motives.

Each Blue Beetle is cool, but Jaime’s iteration simply takes the cake.


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