10 Times Spider-Man Was Forced To Kill

10. Exploded The Finisher

Exploding The Finisher
Marvel Comics

Forced is sort of dubious in a lot of these cases. The Finisher made his debut in 1968's Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5, and also met his untimely end within those pages.

The story focussed on Peter Parker's search for information on his parents, who died when he was a kid, and the unfortunate discovery that they were not only spies for the US government, but traitors! Seriously, being orphaned was a blessing. Shouldn't have looked that particular gift horse in the mouth, Spidey.

Obviously bereft at the idea of his deceased parents as double agents, the web-slinger heads off to the Algerian Casbah, where it turns out the spy who allegedly got the elder Parkers into dirty business was none other than... the Red Skull!

Annoyed by Spidey's appearance, the Skull sends master assassin The Finisher after him. Whose name is apparently totally ironic, because his terrible attempt to kill Spider-Man is to fire missiles at him, which he dodges, and deflects back at him, killing the hitman.

Oh, and his parents weren't traitors. Erm, a win-win... ?

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