10 Times Spider-Man Was Forced To Kill

9. Used Whisper As A Human Shield

Spider Man Fights Whisper
Marvel Comics

When it first started, Web of Spider-Man was a pretty cool companion piece to the main Amazing title. Alongside some beautiful painted covers by Charles Vess the early issues of the book re-introduced the alien symbiote from Secret Wars, slowly building to what would become the classic Venom saga. By the time Web of Spider-Man #91 rolled around in 1992 it was... significantly less cool.

The first part of a two-part story that doesn't really bear completion, "Pulse & Whisper" not only reintroduced long-time supporting cast member (and potential Peter Parker romantic interest) Betty Brandt to the comic, but also the two new eponymous bad guys. Who were just sort of like the Shocker, only with worse costumes.

Worse than Shocker's inexplicable knitted-together duvet look? Somehow, they found a way. Turns out the two were sent by supervillain the Foreigner's Death Squad to kill Betty, who'd been working undercover for the Daily Bugle.

Most of the issue is Spidey fighting them, a battle which ends when he uses Whisper as a human shield to block an attack. He dies, and the web head doesn't seem to care. What a hero!

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