10 Times Superheroes Became Public Enemy Number One

9. Superman - Action Comics #556

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DC Comics

Despite being one of the most lawful superheroes in creation, Superman has been arrested, defamed, and otherwise made public enemy number one more often than you'd initially think.

The best of these comes in Action Comics #556, which sees the Man of Steel be accused of various misdeeds by a local paper, which is revealed to be a plot created by villain Vandal Savage, in one of his weirder schemes to date. Funnier still, this plan manages to actually work, as many inhabitants of Metropolis start to regard the spaceman as less their savior, and more the reason that villains come to the city, turning many against him.

After being sabotaged while trying to save people from a burning building, this mistrust of Superman leads to him being straight up arrested, although the judge who tries him immediately has him released based on the grounds that he's sort of saved all their lives innumerable times.


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