10 Times Superman Fought Other Superheroes (And Who Won)

Superman has fought the likes of Batman and Green Lantern, and he hasn't always come out on top...

Superman Shazam Fight New 52
DC Comics

Superman is a hero among heroes in all of comics, known to both new and old fans for being the symbol of truth, justice, and the American way.

The Man Of Steel is just as well known for his kind heart as he is for his incredible strength. However, there have been times when Superman's kind nature vanishes and he unleashes his strength not on his enemies but on his fellow heroes.

From the time he lost his temper to the time he lost his faith in humanity. Here are 10 times Superman fought other heroes (and the winner of each epic battle).

10. Orion - Winner: Superman

Superman Shazam Fight New 52
DC Comics

Parental figures in comics serve as positive role models for characters to put on spandex and save the world. Batman and Huntress famously swore vengeance on the criminal underworld after their parents were taken from them, but there are parental figures in comics who despite having a negative impact on their offspring, can still inspire them to become heroes.

Despite being the biological son of Darkseid, Orion was raised on New Genesis by the benevolent High Father. Throughout his life, Orion grew to hate his biological father and strove to be nothing like him. But despite becoming a hero, Orion still shares some common ground with his tyrannical blood relative, as he and Darkseid have both fought and have been defeated by Superman.

In DC's New 52, Superman and the rest of the Justice League arrive on Apokolips. Fearful of a prophecy that foretold Superman would destroy the universe, Orion lunged at The Man Of Steel.

However, unlike the many occasions in which his father, Darkseid, destroyed Superman in a fight, Orion was easily defeated by Superman and his body was thrown into the fiery pits of Apokolips.


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