10 Times Supervillains Were HUMILIATED By Regular People

Getting beaten up by your own henchmen is no way to go.

DC Comics

With costumed criminals proving such a problem for pretty much every major city in both the Marvel and DC universes, it has long seemed unrealistic that superheroes would be the only ones to fight them. While the cliché of Batman or Spider-Man handing a crook over to the police is tried and tested, it always seems weird that, in many comics, we rarely see the police, the general public, or anyone but our favourite heroes ever try and save the day.

But this isn't to say that never happens. It's not a common moment, but over the years many villains have gotten their comeuppance from everyday people, proving that you don't need a cape and a cowl to take someone down.

This doesn't always have to be through violence, but there's also something just a little bit special about seeing a totally average person take on the likes of Darkseid and the Joker - even if they're not always strictly successful.

Whether it's arresting Thanos, or just insulting Darkseid while he hands you a McFlurry, comics have shown us that sometimes, regular people are just as capable as superheroes are (even if they can't have cool eye lasers).


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