10 Unbelievable Marvel Plot Twists That Shocked The World

These stories have more twists and turns than a thousand roller coasters.

Marvel Comics

Everyone loves a good plot twist. Whether that be in film, TV, novels, or comic books, a good story can be made great by giving the world something it just didn't expect.

Over the years Marvel has been responsible for some of the best twists in the business - or worst, depending on your viewpoint - but no matter which side of the argument you come down on, you can't deny that each one has made for some interesting reading, if nothing else.

Maybe it's the truth behind Wolverine's refusal to unsheath his claws, or maybe it's the answer to who really lurks behind Xorn's mask. Whatever story manages to get your pulse racing at the final reveal, there is no arguing that the writers and artists involved have done their job.

Not every entry on this list will be universally accepted as great - some might even have you screaming at your screen, but there is no denying that each one is here on merit.

Each one has left its mark on comic book lore, for better or worse, and span Marvel's entire library, from the Avengers, to the X-Men and beyond...


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