10 Unluckiest Comic Book Characters

When bad luck and hardship are the true villains...

Marvel Comics

In the arena of comics, no genre can court an audience quite like superhero stories. People around the world dip into daydreams of superpowers, fame, and being able to go to work in spandex.

Even those who aren’t so imaginative, still spend hours relaxed in front of their screens winding down to the colourful lives of comic book crusaders.

However, superheroes are rarely lucky. They end each adventure standing tall but usually at tremendous personal cost, loss, and injury. In no other medium are character’s tragedies and triumphs so acutely balanced. The over-the-top nature of comic book worlds also makes these peaks and dips starker.

Characters rarely receive a blessing without being burdened with a curse. The most notable example of this balance is Batman. He gets to be a billionaire playboy, but also carries the burden of an orphan whose effort to conceal his secret identity pushes him further and further still into isolation.

While it is true all comic characters have their share of misfortune, some seem to exist in a persistent state of tragedy, never able to catch a break.

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