10 Untouchable Comics Heroes (Who Shockingly Died)

They wouldn't dare kill off your favorite character...right?

Marvel Comics

Death is one of the most common things in the comics industry. Superheroes die so often it borders on the ludicrous. And yet there are still some heroes who have never actually died, like Daredevil. Nothing makes them invincible or immune to it, it just hasn't occurred to their writers that they should die.

But then it DOES happen to those characters, and as much as we roll our eyes at it most of the time, it hits hard when it happens to those that we were so utterly convinced were untouchable.

Whether it's because their powers made them seemingly unkillable, or they just went so many decades without any villain managing to land that killing blow, these ten superheroes seemed utterly invincible, only for their world to laugh in their faces and humble them by way of stabbing them in the face multiple times.

Some of these are excellent examples that came in beloved comics, and some are from stories we'd rather forget. Either way, they killed off beloved characters that fans were sure were immune to comics' famous kiss of death.


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