10 Upcoming Comic Book Film Adaptations You Didn't Know Were Being Made

Remember Spawn? Well he's about to make a comeback...

IDW/Michael Choi

These days, you can't walk by a movie poster without seeing something related to comic books. The market has been saturated with such films, in large part, thanks to the MCU, which has become the most profitable movie franchise in history.

Comic book films have become so successful, legendary filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have decried them as being "despicable" and not worthy of being called works of art. Despite losing the fandom of some of Hollywood's best talent, comic book movies and television series continue to thrive.

Marvel and DC have been putting out a ton of films, but there are more on the horizon than you may realize. Filmmakers have finally tapped resources comic book fans knew of for years, and thanks to the success of films like The Avengers, comic book films and television series are being made from independent publishers.

Marvel Studios has been vocal about what's coming out in the next few years, and because they get the most hype, you may not have been tracking these 10 projects, which are being made and released in the near future.


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