10 Utterly Ridiculous Comic Book Characters

9. Egg Fu

the creeper
DC Comics

Egg Fu isn’t only ridiculous, but he is easily one of the most offensive characters ever. Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru for Wonder Woman #157, Egg Fu the Fifth or Dr. Yes, is often portrayed as an enormous sentient egg of Chinese descent. He was portrayed initially in the “Yellow Peril” style with stilted dialogue, characterized Asian features, including a prehensile moustache and other ethnic stereotypes. Recent changes have tried to keep the Chinese heritage while toning down the offensive stereotypes.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, a newer version of Egg Fu was created in Wonder Woman #128. This version is a 19th Century super-computer that was recently discovered and turned into a carnival attraction, despite the protests of racial insensitivity. This Egg Fu is actually a piece of technology from Apokolips that dominates people’s minds. It was defeated by Hippolyta, Artemis, Donna Troy, and Wonder Girl. Then Metron removed it from Earth.

After Infinite Crisis, he was introduced as Chang Tzu and actually calls Egg Fu one of his “nine thousand and nine unmentionable names.” He is the leader of Oolong Island’s “Science Squad” and is presented as a yellow cracked egg that travels around in a spider-like chair and uses prosthetic arms to manipulate items. He kidnapped Sasha Bordeaux and Captain Boomerang and experiments on them until members of the Outsiders and Checkmate save them.

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