10 Villains Doctor Doom Utterly Destroyed

What do Thanos, the devil and KISS have in common? Doctor Doom can kick all their asses.

Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom. Victor Von Doom. The big Green and Grey guy himself.

Since his inception in the pages of 1962's The Fantastic Four #5, the metal monarch has cemented himself as one of the deadliest threats in the Marvel Universe, which, may I remind you, contains actual gods, physical embodiments of life and death and angry Russian ghost scientists with shapeshifting trained apes.

With both the technological know-how of Tony Stark and the magical prowess of Doctor Strange, Big Vic can give both the Awesome Facial Hair Bros a run for their money, without even having facial hair! Probably. (It’s hard to tell with the mask.)

Over the years, Doom has become so prevalent in the Marvel Universe that it can be seen as a rite of passage for a new super to tangle with the titanium tyrant. However, with all these challengers, Doom is no pushover. He’ll take on anyone - heroes, villains, glam metal bands - and come out on top.

However, he seems to have a special kind of glee when it comes to defeating other villains. Doom doesn’t just defeat his rivals, he humiliates, breaks their spirit and then annihilates them. Before long, they all kneel before Doom...


Psychologist and writer by day. Octopus themed super villain by night.