10 Ways Lex Luthor Is Right About Superman

10. What Does Humanity Really Know About Superman?

Sure, everyone knows the story: Two brave lovers on a far-away dying world defy the will of their elders and launch their only son into the dark of space in a desperate hope of preserving something of themselves and their ancient and noble race. The little vessel travels across the vast reaches to our world where it crashes and is found by a loving, but childless couple, who take the infant within as their own. And in a reverse of the legend of Moses, they raise him on the family farm where his nurtured by the fruits of the soil and they teach him what it means to be a good citizen of the United States of America. But where's the proof that any of it is true? Every single detail of that story was given to the public by Superman, mainly through articles by his favorite pet humans, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. There's an equally compelling narrative that has just as much proof. Imagine a baby child sent to Earth to test the compatibility of the Kryptonian and Earth biologies and ecologies. Why risk sending an army into a possibly ecologically hostile environment when one small guinea pig would do? Plus, allowing the child to grow to adulthood before an invasion allows time to see if there are any potential plagues that might affect Kryptonians at different stages of their development. Further, letting humans come to first know of Krypton through a helpless baby would instil soft feelings toward the Kryptonian race in general. Finally, letting the child and the target world believe that he is the sole survivor of an exploded planet would give the invasion forces an incredible element of surprise. Who would expect an invasion from Krypton when all the Kryptonians are dead?!

Born and raised in Appalachia, Brent now lives in rural Wisconsin. He is a practicing attorney with a dozen years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defender. He has collected comics for decades and at one time had almost 8,000 in his collection.