10 Ways Lex Luthor Is Right About Superman

9. Superman Is A Liar

Everyone knows that Superman has a secret identity. In his famous roof-top interview with Lois Lane, the alien claimed he needed to keep his other identity secret to protect his loved ones. Yet he doesn't wear a mask. Almost all the other super-beings with secret identities wear masks. This is an important and insightful distinction because, for Superman, the secret identity is the mask. If someone ever unmasks Batman or Green Lantern, there's no going back. The identity will be revealed, there'll be no denying who's under the mask. But with Superman, if someone does discover how he hides himself when he wants to shirk the responsibilities of demi-godhood, all he has to do is deny it and pull some super-trick to make everyone think the accuser is a fool. If it gets bad enough, Superman could even change secret IDs; he might have half-a-dozen already! Plus, Superman must be a really good liar when even a super-genius like Luthor can't break the disguise.

Born and raised in Appalachia, Brent now lives in rural Wisconsin. He is a practicing attorney with a dozen years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defender. He has collected comics for decades and at one time had almost 8,000 in his collection.