10 Weird DC Comic Pets

Sometimes the classic cats and dogs are just not super enough for the DC heroes.

DC Comics

Perhaps the most iconic pet in DC comics is Superman's dog, Krypto. However, he isn't the only superhero to have had a pet over the years. He's not even close.

Many DC characters have a furry friend to welcome them home after a long day saving the planet. Not all of them want something as generic as a dog or cat, however. This list compiles some of the weirdest pets DC heroes have owned, stretching across all groups in the animal kingdom, including everything from bovine Avengers to magical tigers.

While some heroes have alien animals as pets, this list exclusively looks at the pets that wouldn't immediately give away a secret identity - even if they do make the owner look a little weird. All are Earth animals or look enough like them to pass as one.

Some are willing to don a mask and fight crime, while others just want to shower their owners with the love and affection superheroes deserve. All, however, are weird enough to get a little extra attention (and extra strokes, pats or snuggles).


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