10 Weirdest Comic Fan Theories You Won’t Believe Exist

Turns out the Joker is even scarier than we thought.

DC Comics/Frank Quitely

As with any successful franchise, there is almost endless fan speculation about everything under the sun when it comes to both DC and Marvel's comic universes. And, much like any fan speculation, these theories range from absolutely believable and immensely well thought out, to some of the strangest twaddle to have ever been typed out by human hands.

But the beautiful thing about comics is that, with the actual canon of Marvel and DC being so unbelievable, even the most hog wild of theories has at least a small chance of coming true. Any weird and wonderful idea you can think of is a possibility, and even disproven theories have their value, in that it's endlessly entertaining to witness the innermost madness of a comic fan's head, in the form of their most surreal speculation.

Sure, Superman isn't going to turn into sand anytime soon - but that doesn't mean that it's not one of life's little pleasures to read people on the internet arguing about whether he could be.

Containing secret Skrulls, an omnipotent child, and the Joker's secret life as a deity, here's solid proof that the internet isn't always just a nightmarish pit of cat pictures and canceled celebrities, but also fertile ground for some truly brilliant theories.


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