10 Weirdest Comic Fan Theories You Won’t Believe Exist

9. The True Fate Of Hooded Justice And Captain Metropolis

Robin Double Agent
DC Comics

In a true twist of irony, one of the only positive theories about the Watchmen series is also one of few that has literally nothing to do with the Watchmen themselves. Instead, the theory revolves around Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice, the two figureheads of the hero team named the Minutemen, and a famous superhero couple in the Watchmen universe.

Both heroes appear to have died in the series - with Metropolis reportedly dying in a car accident, and Hooded Justice seemingly dying at the hands of Hollis Mason. However, long after this event, a panel happens to show the pair enjoying a meal together, suggesting that they may have both faked their own deaths to escape the media spotlight. The fact that meal itself takes place on October 13th supports this, as this is coincidentally the day that Hooded Justice first debuted in the superhero scene, suggesting that the pair have gone out to celebrate this important anniversary, having successfully gone incognito.

Although Before Watchmen would suggest that Metropolis had moved on to another man named Norbert Veldon after Hooded Justice's death, it is worth noting that these two characters look uncannily similar, suggesting that they may be one and the same - and that at least one love story survives the majority of the series.


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