10 Weirdest Fantastic Four Villains Of All Time

Hitler clones. Living equations. Baby gods. The Fantastic Four has fought them all.

Mole Man
Marvel Comics

After Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm were exposed to cosmic radiation, they obtained superpowers and became the first superhero team under the Marvel banner, the Fantastic Four. But these superheroes aren't just a team. They're a family. They're scientists. While saving the universe, they find time to discover the unknown and explore the fantastical.

The Fantastic Four have had so many literal out-of-this-world adventures, they are pretty much desensitised to it. To them, going to space is just another Tuesday. They're attacked so often, they have weekly Villain Drills for their kids. They've met the planet-chomping Galactus so many times, they practically have him on speed-dial. Encounters like this would phase heroes like Spider-Man or Daredevil but it's second nature to the Fantastic Four.

So when the team faces a threat that is considered bizarre by their standards, you know it's going to be REALLY weird. We're talking about metal-controlling apes, sentient math problems, and a baby who has to power to snuff out the solar system with a thought. Here are ten of the weirdest villains that Marvel's First Family have ever faced.

10. The Red Ghost

Mole Man

After being saturated in cosmic radiation, a Russian scientist called Ivan Kragoff gained the power of intangibility. After mastering the ability to pass through solid matter, the Soviet madman became the supervillain, The Red Ghost.

At first, this guy seems like a pretty intimidating supervillain. It doesn't matter how strong the Thing is or how smart Reed Richards is; how do you fight someone you can't touch?

But what makes the Red Ghost lose all menace is that he always battles the Fantastic Four with his troupe of Super-Apes. In his debut, he fought the superheroes with his simian army on the Moon. Just to make it more ridiculous, his apes can shape-shift and control metal.

The annoying thing is the Red Ghost has the potential to be a great villain since you can't defeat him with brute force. You can only beat him by being smart. But it's impossible to take him seriously since he's always surrounded by a horde of baboons and orang-utans. It would be like if Darth Vader was constantly followed by a parrot. It just ruins any potential menace.


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