10 Weirdly Specific Powers You Didn't Know Superman Has

Despite his classic powers and his status as the archetypal hero, Superman is still a weird dude.

DC Comics

When you want to talk about the superhero with the most classic set of powers, you're talking about Superman. Super strength. Super speed. Flight. Invulnerability. On top of all of that, you can add in more offbeat powers like heat vision, x-ray vision and super freeze breath. Superman has abilities that put him head and shoulders above all other heroes.

But after that, things start to get really, really strange.

Over his 80 years in comic books, Superman has shown off some ridiculous powers and used them in some incredible situations. As straight laced as as the Man of Steel seems, he is also been known as the Man of Absurdity from time to time. Those weirder powers have played interesting roles in some of his adventures.

Not normally the adventures where he saves the universe or sacrifices himself to stop Doomsday. His weird powers pop up when he has to eat a lot of burgers, which is equally important to the Doomsday thing. Regardless, Superman's greatest ability seems to be the random and strange abilities that conveniently only get used when the story needs them to make the remotest amount of sense.

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