10 Wolverine Fates Worse Than Death

Death would've been far easier to take than any of these horrors.

Uncanny X-Force Apocalypse Solution Wolverine Death
Marvel Comics

Few comic book characters are as popular as Wolverine.

Since debuting in The Incredible Hulk #140 in 1974 - created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita Sr. - this Canadian ball of rage has gone on to become a staple of not just comics, but of mainstream pop culture. Whether it's from the comics, movies, TV shows or even video games, everyone knows who Wolverine is.

In terms of character traits, in addition to always being instantly up for a brawl, Wolvie is famed for having so many horrendous things happen to him. After all, this is someone whose healing factor makes him near-invincible and unkillable, and thus there has to be some pretty messed up stuff happen to him in order for readers to feel like Logan is genuinely in jeopardy.

While Wolverine has died a couple of times - but hey, resurrection is always just around the corner in comics - he has also had to live through certain events and moments that could be viewed as being worse than death.

On that front, here are ten such instances where the Canucklehead likely wished for his own demise rather than be faced with what actually happened.

10. Never Being Able To Celebrate His Birthday

Uncanny X-Force Apocalypse Solution Wolverine Death
Marvel Comics

Even if you're one of those lowkey sorts who would rather not celebrate your birthday each year, you at least have the option to go all out and celebrate if you so wish. For Wolverine, that's something he can only dream of.

In the case of Logan, birthdays are not about cake, candles and copious amount of booze. Nope, his birthday is marked every year by an intense battle with long-time foe Sabretooth.

This 'tradition' began at the turn of the 20th century. With Wolverine and Sabretooth having crossed paths previously, the future X-Men member had settled down in the Canadian mountains for a life of love and harmony with his beau, Silver Fox. Sent into town on his birthday so that Silver Fox could prepare a quiet party for Wolvie, our hero returned home to find the corpse of his beloved - complete with "Happy Birthday" written on the wall in her blood.

Of course, Sabretooth was the person behind this, and he'd first tried to force himself on Silver Fox before ultimately deciding to murder her.

From that moment on, the villainous Victor Creed returns to pay Wolverine a visit on Logan's birthday every year. Sometimes this visit is just for a jovial fight, other times there's a more sinister intent, and there have even been times when Sabretooth again puts Wolvie's loved ones in his crosshairs.


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