10 Wolverine Moments That Shocked The World

Turns out when you fight the Hulk dozens of times, you're bound to get a win at least once...

Wolverine Kills Hulk
Marvel Comics

If you're familiar with Wolverine, there's a good chance you know he's "the best at what he does blah blah," and what he does "isn't very blah" - or something along those lines. Point is he's a feisty fella, and one who - unsurprisingly - has gotten up to his fair share of shocking acts over the years.

Whether it's turning folks into tenderised human skewers or catching people completely off guard by showcasing a rare glimpse of emotional vulnerability, Logan is constantly able to take readers by surprise. He's far from the cliched tough guy critics tend to claim, and while his presence has been saturated every now and then, there's a reason why he's the most popular X-Man.

Boasting a winning aesthetic, a compelling personality and a storied past, Wolverine has dominated Marvel for forty years with tale after tale of old war stories, intense romances, and close companionship. Those elements and more have all engendered their fair share of shocking revelations, but so too do Logan's powers specifically; the healing factor and the fact the character is nigh-on indestructible has led to writers and artists constantly pushing boundaries, showcasing imagery gruesome as it is strangely awe-inspiring.

It's partially why Wolverine is constantly able to shock us, and also why he's so mesmerising as one of Marvel's leading figures. Fans wouldn't have it any other way, and the following moments illustrate exactly why that's the case...

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