10 Worst Marvel Superhero Costumes Of All Time

9. Armored Spider-Man

Emma Frost
Marvel Comics

Of all superhero costumes, few are as iconic as that of Spider-Man. The red and blue color scheme, the huge eyes, and the intricate web design are immediately recognizable to practically everyone in the world. There is a reason why the costume hasn’t changed significantly in the character's 60-year career. But in those times that changes have been made, there have been a few mistakes.

The Spider-Armor MK 1 first premiered in Web of Spider-Man #100 when a group called the New Enforcers attacked New York City with high-caliber firearms. The suit was made primarily of a metallic compound that Peter himself created. On the face, torso, arms, and legs, a thicker silver-plated armor was used and the rest of his body was covered in a thinner black metal which allowed Parker to be bulletproof.

It is little wonder that the Spider-Armor was “conveniently” destroyed by acid in this issue and the particular design was never revisited. It slows Spider-Man down, making it difficult for him to leap and to web-sling. And if Spidey utilized those moves, it would make the supposed benefits of the armor unnecessary.

Peter’s reflexes are 40 times that of an ordinary human. Coupled with his speed and an early warning from his Spider-Sense, the Web-head can outrace bullets and web up the gunmen before they ever knew what happened.


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