10 Worst Marvel Superhero Costumes Of All Time

8. Cable (New Mutants)

Emma Frost
Marvel Comics

Cable is another creation of controversial artist Rob Liefeld, and the character suffers from the primary fashion “disease” that Liefeld spread liberally in the '90s to nearly every character he touched - too many pouches!

In his classic first appearance in New Mutants #87, Nathan Summers was shirtless but wore metallic shoulder pads that were open to the chest and sides. His left arm was infected with a techno-organic virus, and on the right human one he had belts that held cartridges for his laser pistols. Also on his human arm was a large studded black bracelet.

At Cable’s waist is a belt of pouches, with each one the size of a woman’s evening bag, going completely around his form and a separate belt of bags the same size going around his left leg. In the center of the belt was a large circular buckle, holding the seemingly impossibly heavy belt together. Hanging off the belt was another gun belt of cartridges over a pair of light blue pants that were tucked into darker blue boots.

On Nathan’s back was another Liefeld staple, his impossibly large rifles. The rifles should drag the floor if they were actually strapped to his back, because when they are in Cable's hand, they seem to go on forever and require two hands to even hold. This was the time when what looked “cool” mattered much more than what was possible.


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