10 Worst Spider-Man Costumes Of All Time

Marvel's Spider-Man has worn some serious stinkers over the years.

Spider Man 2211
Marvel Comics

For a new superhero to really leave an impact, artists do their best to give them the coolest and most distinctive look possible. This doesn't always happen straight out of the gate. Nine months after Iron Man's debut, the creative team replaced his generic gold armour with his iconic red-and-yellow suit, which helped the character find a bigger audience.

Because a change in a superhero's attire can potentially lead to a spike in sales, it's a common tactic for artists to try new looks for established characters. Even after Spider-Man's look had been seemingly set-in-stone for years, Marvel gave him a brand-new black outfit.

Despite the fact this decision could've been perceived as a gimmick (which it totally was), readers loved Spidey's new look and it is now considered one of the wallcrawler's best costumes. (But if we had to be honest, they're never gonna top the Bombastic Bag-Man get-up.)

But changing it up doesn't always work. Some of Web-Head's lamer outfits have involved web underwear, Elizabethan frills, and a laser cannon. Although fashion is subjective, it's safe to assume none of these costumes will be appearing in the MCU anytime soon.

10. Cyborg Spider-Man

Spider Man 2211

Wouldn't it be awesome if Spider-Man was turned into a robot?

What's that? That would be a stupid idea? Well, too bad. Marvel did it anyway. After sustaining heavy injuries, cybernetic expert Oscar McDonnell fitted the web-slinging superhero with life-saving implants. The cybernetics automatically healed Spider-Man's cells, ensuring he would be back to his normal self within a few days. With his Rambo-like bandanna, metal arm, and cybernetic eye, it was clear the creative team wanted Cyborg Spider-Man to look as badass as possible.

The problem with Spider-Man's new apparel is he doesn't really look like a cyborg. Because he has stitch marks on his legs, arms, and face, he has more resemblance to Frankenstein's Monster. His robotic arm is disproportionally large, which looks unintentionally hilarious (unless that's what the artists were aiming for).

The weirdest part of this get-up is his left shoulder is covered in three square rectangles. What the hell are they meant to be? Are they solar panels? They look so jarring compared to the rest of Spider-Man's already messy design, you wonder why the artists thought they would be a good idea.


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