10 Worst Things Captain Marvel Has Ever Done

Some people came out of Civil War II looking better than others...

Marvel Comics

Despite going off the handle in her comics from time to time, Captain Marvel hasn't done that many bad things. She's stubborn, sure, and more often than not blunt and a little rude, but that doesn't make her a bad person.

However, when Captain Marvel does do something wrong, it's usually the most intensely awful you can get without just straight-up becoming a supervillain. While the good Captain's strong-willed nature does her well against her foes, it also means that when she gets an idea in her head few people can stop her, which easily leads to hasty and morally questionable plans being carried out.

Carol Danvers' path of misdeeds is paved with good intentions, and this is exactly what makes her such an engaging character - and yet also what has made her so hated amongst parts of the comic community.

While heroic motivations don't justify murder, manipulation and the destruction of the world, they at least show us that even when she's doing wrong, Captain Marvel means well - it's just that sometimes, meaning well gets a ton of people arrested, turns your team against you... and has you accidentally kill the Hulk.


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